Introducing SEAL and SEAL+ Adhesive

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Have you heard the news? Stampin’ Up! has introduced 2 new adhesives – SEAL and SEAL+ . They’re going to make your crafting life so much easier!

Stampin' SEAL and Stampin' SEAL+ by Stampin' Up!

Stampin’ SEAL is an every-day adhesive that bonds instantly and neatly, like SNAIL and is perfect for everyday papercrafting projects.

Stampin’ SEAL+ is a super-strength adhesive that bonds instantly and neatly. It’s perfect for heavier layers or small 3D items and is perforated for easy separation after laydown.

Both Stampin’ SEAL and Stampin’ SEAL+ have an exclusive case that can be used interchangeably for both products. They include 16.4 yards of adhesive and no “checkmark” hand movement is required for the release of adhesive. Both adhesives are acid free and photo safe.

Even more appealing is that each adhesive comes packaged in a re-sealable pouch for storage and to protect it when you store it in your crafting bag or tote! And, of course, refillable cartridges are available.

SEAL stands for “Simple Easy Adhesive Laydown.”
Pretty cool, huh?

The question I’m getting is lot is do I need both the Stampin’ SEAL and the SEAL+? My answer is maybe! 😏  The Stampin’ SEAL is less expensive and designed for everyday use. The Stampin’ SEAL+ is a bit more expensive but has a much stronger bond, making it perfect for 3-D and heavier papercrafting projects. Both are permanent, non-repositionable adhesives. (For a more flexible adhesive, I recommend our Multi-Purpose Liquid Adhesive.)

Tips for using Stampin’ SEAL and Stampin’ SEAL+

  • The tip of the adhesive runner should be in a flat position against the paper; avoid using it on an angle.
  • Once the laydown of the adhesive is complete, stop and pull the adhesive straight up. Avoid pulling the adhesive back to separate it from the paper.
  • If the adhesive won’t advance and the trail breaks off, add slight pressure to get it rolling again. You may need to use your finger to advance the adhesive.
  • Stampin’ SEAL and Stampin’ SEAL+ create a strong adhesive bond. When using more fibrous papers, paper tearing may occur. If the paper tears and rolls into the adhesive, it will not ruin your adhesive roll. Stop and adjust your location and angle before proceeding with a slow and lightly controlled stroke.
  • Similar to what you may have experienced with other roller adhesives, it is possible for Stampin’ SEAL and Stampin’ SEAL+ to roll back on itself or jam. If it occurs, I recommend stopping the adhesive laydown and adjusting the roll manually before proceeding. Using slow and controlled strokes is best.
Watch this Video from Stampin’ Up! for more information:

If you have any questions about the new SEAL adhesives, don’t hesitate to comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

Stampin Hugs Barb

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