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Why Done Is Better Than Perfect


Stampers tend to be a creative tribe.  We’ll work for hours to try and make that perfect handstamped item.

We’ll pull out 20 sheets of cardstock and designer paper until we find the perfect combination.   We’ll stare at that same paper until our eyes cross.  And sometimes we’ll even hoard all that paper because we just can’t bear to cut it and use it.

As creative people, we can sometimes get stuck in our own creativity.

We’re the ones who will jump on Pinterest “for just a sec” and 5 hours later wonder where the time went.

We’re the ones who will pull out all of our stamps, looking for that perfect creative muse.  And then leave the room and close the door because we can’t stand the mess.

And we’re the ones who often get in our own way when we sit down to stamp.

Why?  I think it’s because that little perfectionist that’s inside all of us is whispering (loudly) that whatever we create,  it has to be “perfect”.

And I say to that little voice:  bull-pucky.  (yes, that is a word.)

Because creativity is never supposed to be perfect.   It’s supposed to be messy.   And challenging.  And gloriously exhilarating.

As I tell those who come to my stamp camps, the only rule in stamping is that there are no rules.

So forget about being perfect. Cut up that designer paper and use it.

Cover up that ink smudge with a rhinestone or pearl.

And then forget about it.  Appreciate the fact that you got it done.

And then give it away and share it with the world.

Because the lucky person who receives your handstamped card will not notice any imperfections – they will only feel the love of a piece of art from your heart.

And that, my friends, is better than perfection any day!


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