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Organizing Your Office Space

Organizing Your Office Space 1I want to reassure you of something right off the bat — you don’t need to spend a lot of money to organize your stamping space!

Use what you’ve got and grow as time and money allows.

Whether you work out of a closet in the spare bedroom, or have an entire room to devote to your stamping biz, the key is to start small and grow as needs dictate.  I can’t stress this enough!

Because if you wait until you have the perfect office & creative set-up, you will never begin.   A mantra you’ll hear from me over and over again is Done Is Better Than Perfect!

So instead of trying to be perfect, concentrate instead of making things “good enough”.   Trust me, you’ll be a lot happier in the long run!

What Do You Absolutely Need To Have

In terms of your office space/equipment, I think there are only a few things you absolutely positively need to have:

  • you need a Computer or an IPad.
    Let’s face it, technology is here to stay and your business will really bog down if you can’t connect on-line.     But if you don’t have a computer and can’t afford one yet, there are some alternatives:   go to the Public Library and use the computers there.  It may not be convenient, but it’s free!
    NOTE:  One of the big reasons you’ll use a computer is for putting in your orders.  Fortunately, if you’re not technically savvy, you can call your orders in to Stampin’ Up! Demo Support at 1-800-STAMPUP.   Just give them a call, have your Demonstrator ID on hand, and let them walk you through the process.
  • you need a mobile device
    Chances are, you already have a mobile phone, although you might not have a Smart Phone.   In an ideal world, your mobile phone should synchronize with your other mobile devices, you should have good network coverage, you have enough storage for pictures and videos, and it has a good camera to take photo’s of the cards you’re going to create.  If you don’t have this, it can be one of your goals as your business grows!
  • a dedicated Work Space
    While you don’t need to devote an entire room to your stamping biz, you do need dedicated space.   We have some demonstrators on our team that have an entire floor dedicated to their hobby, while others have cleaned out a closet, put a small desk & shelving into that closet and made it work.   Do what you can with what you’ve got until you can afford more.  Speaking from experience (as someone who started in a corner of her bedroom) it is important to your attitude and the sanity of your family to have an area where you can focus on your business.  Trust me, if your stamping area grows from that small corner into the living room & dining room so that you have to eat dinner on the floor, your family is going to become quickly disenchanted with your “little biz”.
  • prepare a Mobile Office
    When I first started as a Demonstrator, I have 2 big Plastic Bins that I kept in the trunk of my car.  Once had everything I needed to do my biz on the go, and the other held emergency stamping supplies.   That was 21 years ago – now I’d only need 1 Bin because everything else would be in my cell phone — contact information, order information, etc.  Take advantage of being able to work on the go and keep your working “foot print” as small as possible until you can afford to grow.
  • set up your own checking account for your business
    Seriously, you need this, if for tax purposes if nothing else.   The easiest way to do this is to set up a 2nd account where you already bank.  Make sure this bank account is your Direct Deposit account for Stampin’ Up! and you shouldn’t have any fees.   Just get the plain old generic checks (you shouldn’t need them much anyway) and make sure you have a debit card attached to that account.  You can now do all your deposits/income into this account and purchase your orders out of this account as well.   Your family will thank you for not dipping into household money and you’ll be able to watch your “little biz” get profitable over time!
  • have a calender system for keeping organized
    I wish I had learned how to do this when I first started out as a demonstrator.  We are all busy women and if you can’t figure out how to organize your calendar, I can assure you that you will quickly become overwhelmed.   I feel so strongly about this, I have entire section on this, which you can see here.



  • Start your “little biz” using the space, budget & equipment you’ve got.  Upgrade as your business grows.
  • In the beginning, invest your time on building your customer base, not your stamping inventory.  Customers spend money, stamps cost money.
  • Have a dedicated workshop where you can put on your Stampin’ Up! hat — even if it’s only 1 hour a day.
  • Stay organized so you work efficiently and not waste time.


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Upcoming Events

  1. BZBStampers Team Shoebox Swap (September)

    September 24 @ 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  2. 2019 Fall Stamp Retreat

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